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charley sale
charley sale

5 out of 5 stars

posted 3 months ago

I’ve been coming to see Amanda for over 7 years for my Gel Nails which I think already says a lot. From the start, it’s always been such a friendly and relaxing place to come that’s got a homely, warm and welcoming setting, which beats any non cosy shop. You also receive a much more personable experience with lots of chatting which I much prefer (previous places where I had my nails done would be in silence). I think if my hands fell off tomorrow, I’d still visit every three weeks for our catch up :).

Thank you for always giving me pretty nails xx


"Our son Jack saw Duncan regarding his anxiety. He was struggling with his AS levels, even after studying the same level for 2 years. At...

Jack, Smallfield

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8 reasons why a facial is far more important than you thought

An hours facial is so much more than just an hours pampering. This has been documented in medical studies and reported on a number times, as can be seen here on StyleCraze.

Ananda Healing's Eve Taylor Aromatherapy Facial

1. DEEP CLEAN.  A professional cleanse with professional products will always achieve a better result than can be achieved at home, however good your routine. You may clean you teeth regularly but they still have to be maintained by your dentist!

2. GET ADVICE. A good beauty therapist will go through your routine, assess your skin and discuss any concerns. EVERY FACIAL SHOULD BE BESPOKE and tailored to your needs. That’s why, at Ananda Healing, we focus every treatment on YOU.

Ananda Healing Luxurios Arbonne Anti Aging Facial3. HIGH QUALITY, PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS. The quality of the products, especially the exfoliation and mask will make all the difference. – SEE THE DIFFERENCE, FEEL THE DIFFERENCE!

4. IT IS NOT JUST YOUR SKIN THAT WILL BENEFIT FROM MONTHLY FACIALS BUT YOUR WHOLE WELLBEING! We do not take enough time out for selfcare. So when you book your monthly facial, you will also be taking time out to relax from the stresses and strains of our hectic lives.


5. DETOXIFICATION.  Your skin is your biggest detox organ.  A facial is the best way to help the skin on your face to detox and rid itself of the waste that causing skin issues like breakouts and dull skin


6.  IMPROVING YOU SKIN’S ABILITY TO ABSORB PRODUCTS.  By regularly having a facial the dead skin is removed enabling your skin to better absorb those products you have spent your money one.  If you are buying quality products you will want to get the best from them.


7.  REDUCING DARK CIRCLES AND PUFFY EYES.  The skin around your eyes in significantly thinner than the rest of your face.  A good therapist knows how to treat this area and the right products to use

8. ANTI-AGEING ANTI-AGEING ANTI-AGEING! We only get one face and it puts up with a lot! A monthly facial promotes cell renewal, boosts collagen, encourages lymphatic drainage (reducing puffiness), encourages healthy blood flow. END RESULT? Healthy, youthful, firmer skin and the staving off of the visible signs of ageing.


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