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Peter Roberts
Peter Roberts

5 out of 5 stars

posted 5 months ago

I escaped and experienced a massage by Ananda where the daily stress and cares and are replaced by a totally calm, relaxed and inner peace and would recommend anyone to visit. It is simply most refreshing and uplifting.


As ever, great eyebrow shape & tint, comfy atmosphere and caring approach - wonderful!

Hanna M - Horley

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A Little Bit of Waxing History

Waxing is a semi-permanent form of hair removal, which removes the hair from the root, unlike shaving or depilatory cream which remove hair from the surface.  Because it removes from the root it takes much longer to grow back giving you a longer hair-free period.  Another benefit of waxing is that it generally, especially over a number of treatments, grows back softer and without the harsh, stubbly effects that you get with shaving or creams.

So how long has waxing been around? Around 60BC!  The ancient Egyptians developed the method of sugaring (using honey) to remove hair.  Egypt at that time priced hairlessness on women as a symbol of beauty and youth.  Later the ancient Greeks and Romans also adopted the fashion of hairlessness beauty and developed various different methods of removal including waxing using resin or pitch.

Us Brits didn’t really catch on until 1960s with the invention of the bikini!

More recently though it has become more popular with the gentlemen as well as the ladies.  The trend started with sports people and models who wished to show definition of muscle and not to mention the whole sweating, chaffing thing!!

YES, BUT DOES’NT IT HURT I HEAR YOU ASK? NO! Provided your therapist is well trained in removal technique the pain should be minimal.  There are different types waxes now available for different areas and they are skin friendly.  Waxing isn’t like it used to be.

So now you know a little bit more about waxing!

For your appointment with super smooth, hair-free skin, call Ananda Healing on 01342 842098 or follow the link

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