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charley sale
charley sale

5 out of 5 stars

posted 3 months ago

I’ve been coming to see Amanda for over 7 years for my Gel Nails which I think already says a lot. From the start, it’s always been such a friendly and relaxing place to come that’s got a homely, warm and welcoming setting, which beats any non cosy shop. You also receive a much more personable experience with lots of chatting which I much prefer (previous places where I had my nails done would be in silence). I think if my hands fell off tomorrow, I’d still visit every three weeks for our catch up :).

Thank you for always giving me pretty nails xx


I had heard a lot about Hopi Ear Candle Treatments and decided to have this done at Ananda Healing as Amanda had described it's full...

Kathryn Colas

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6 Science Based Reasons to Meditate!

1.  A 2014 study from the University of Amsterdam has correlated the practice of meditation with attention to detail and creative performance

2.  A 2005 study from the Harvard Medical School has found that meditation increases the thickness of your prefrontal cortex.  This cortex is the part of the brain associated with attention and self-awareness

3.  A 2010 study from the University of California also found that meditation increases your attention span

4.  A 2014 study from the International College in Thailand found that meditators have lower rates or burnout and cope better with stress

5.  A 2009 study from Aarhus University in Denmark found that long-term meditators have thicker brain stems

And finally –

6.  In 2014, a further study from the Harvard Medical School found that meditation increases the density of your grey matter in processing and perspective taking.

So what’s not to like? Learn to meditate and you will be happier, healthier!

Want to learn meditation?  At Ananda Healing we teach a tool box of techniques and meditation types so you have the right method for you.

Want to try something new?  How about our fabulous guided meditations/  They have been scien

9 Healthy Reasons To Make A Massage Appointment Today (the benefits of massage)

Ananda-Healing-Hot-Lava-Shell-MassageWith more and more research now being done to support the health and well-being benefits of massage, we are delighted to share this blog with you.  It has been taken from the Huffington News (we would recommend this online site to anyone interested in all things health & well-being) and each point is supported by research. We hope you find them interesting and some surprising, so here goes –

1. Managing anxiety and depression as it reduces the  stress hormone ‘Cortisol’ Could be useful for the January blues?

2. Eases pain, especially back pain and arthritis – just ask Amanda’s Mum – she can play golf again!

3. Improves sleep due to it’s effects on the delta brain wave pattern associated with deep sleep.  Our clients would definitely confirm that!

4. Boosts immunity by increasing the number of white blood cells

5. Reduces PMS symptoms including pain, bloating and mood swings

6. Improves alertness (though probably not whilst you are having it done!)

7. Reduces the number of tension headaches and migraines in sufferers

8. Your skin loves it! It increases blood flow & lymphatic drainage giving you plumped up radiant skin.

9. Massage relieves the symptoms associated with serious illness including cancer – All of the cancer patients we have on our books will agree

So, officially,  regular massage is good for you!  But you already knew that didn’t you?

Need to book yours? Call 01342 842098 or go to the link below for further details



STRESS – Is It Killing You?

Ananda Healing - Is Stress killing you?STRESS – Is It Killing You?

We have always know that long-term stress is bad for you – the constant and prolonged release of the stress hormone cortisol is associated with a number of serious effects including high blood pressure, suppressed immunity, decreased bone density, impaired cognitive performance and many others. However, have you noticed the amount of recent research on exactly how bad it is for you there has been lately?

A recent study for the Lancet by Prof Andrew Steptoe indicates work related stress causes a 23% increase in the risk of heart attacks

Researchers in the US have now analysed the brain tissue from depressed & stressed individuals and discovered a brain shrinkage.  It is believed the stress blocks the formation of new nerve connections disrupting the circuits associated with mental and emotional function, how stress and depression shrink the brain

More recently, Professor Sarah Berga of Emory University of Atlanta has released her research on the link between stress and infertility


You have got to work.  You can’t give your teenagers away (nice thought maybe) and the house/garden etc is not going to do itself.  (Roll on the invention of the self-cleaning house we say!)

It is all about finding something you can do , for yourself, to reduce your personal stress levels and increase your levels of relaxation. What you do is going to be down to personal choice, but you have to find it, schedule it in and commit to it.  After all, how hard would it really be to schedule in a weekly massage take a 20min walk in the park/ practice meditation? ANSWER – Not very hard, unless your stress levels are already becoming chronic and impacting on your mental well-being – then what?  We would always recommend you visit your GP to get a correct diagnosis and then, any good GP will recommend a talking/counselling therapy.  Again, who you choose should be a personal choice but we would recommend an ‘off the record’ chat with any potental therapist before committing.  We always provide a free consultation either in person or by telephone before we would even allow a client to make an appointment for our hypnotherapy or NLP.  You really need to feel you could trust and feel comfortable with your therapist to ge the best results.

We believe prolonged and/or chronic stress is a silent killer of our age.  Do not ignore it.  Have a look at some of the symptoms listed below:

  • Difficulty with sleeping
  • Palpitations
  • Constant tiredness
  • Aching/tense muscles
  • Deminished Libido
  • Weight gain or loss (not due to dieting)
  • Increased alcohol or drug intake

Do more than one of these apply to you?



Feng Shui – Part 4 – Chi and the Eight Enrichments

Feng ShuiAnanda Healing - Feng Shui

Chi and the Eight Enrichments

Our friend Jean Goodrich, Pebbles, has written a great article about Feng Shui and has given us permission to share it with you in this blog series. Thanks Pebbles.

You can find all the separate articles here: The Art of Creating Sacred Space, Clutter Clearance, Sacred Space Remedies, Chi and the Eight Enrichments

A simple plan to help you understand the areas of your home, office, or even desk, that are related to areas of your life, can be drawn to help you to locate areas of your dwelling that relate to your mind, body or spirit. Draw a rectangle, long sides horizontal. short sides vertical, on paper in front of you. Divide into 2 rows of 4 squares. Starting bottom right and going round clockwise, label the squares in this order:-  Prosperity and Fame, Peace and Happiness, Pleasure and Indulgence, New Beginnings, Relationships, Children and Family, Wisdom and Experience, and Wealth and Money. Note where entrances fall in this map, and use the same layout for each floor of your property. You will soon see that certain areas may be misplaced and need changing around or remedying.  Make any changes slowly and carefully, being aware of the energy movement as you are doing this, and the feel of the energy after each change has taken place. This is the fun part! feeling the energy changes and the positive effects on your life. Playing with the energy and ‘tweaking’ it as you go, is all part of the transformation!

Ananda Healing - Feng Shui - Chi And The Eight EnrichmentsGive your home an energy ‘spring-clean’ every so often, by using sound and incense to move blocked or unwelcome energy. Smudge sticks waved into corners or swirled into inaccessible places like under beds or in cupboards or wardrobes, and don’t forget the loft or cellar, if you have them. Clapping, drumming, gongs, bells and music are all very useful and appropriate for balancing and harmonising the energies in your space. It can make you feel as if you have been on a Wurlitzer afterward though, so make sure that you do this at an agreeable time for all concerned. The folk you share your space with may not entirely embrace these ideas, so do what you can and wait for the knock-on effects.

I have known these basic and simple techniques to cause all sorts of disputes including divorce, as people’s energy reaches its’ full potential, and others they share space with, resist change. There are stagnant people as well as space, and they have to embrace the constant and ever changing environment, or move to a space more in keeping with their needs. Life is a constantly changing dynamic and to deny this is to invite discord in body and mind. No one can dictate to another how space and time is used, it is purely personal, and each of us has the final word on our choices in life. Accept the things that ‘space clearing’ reveals about you and use this knowledge to grow and strengthen in spirit.

Have fun playing with the energies in your personal space, and ‘happy space clearing’ too! Grow and transform; enjoy yourselves!

If you would like to contact Pebbles, please email us or contact us at Ananda Healing (01342 842 098 / 07917 730 944) and we will pass your details onto her.

Feng Shui – Part 3 – Sacred Space Remedies

Feng ShuiAnanda Healing - Feng Shui

Sacred Space Remedies

Our friend Jean Goodrich, Pebbles, has written a great article about Feng Shui and has given us permission to share it with you in this blog series. Thanks Pebbles.

You can find all the separate articles here: The Art of Creating Sacred Space, Clutter Clearance, Sacred Space Remedies, Chi and the Eight Enrichments

Once you have broken the back of the clutter clearance, you can begin to incorporate the ‘remedies’ to enhance the positive energies that you are slowly uncovering and becoming accustomed to.

Ananda Healing - Feng Shui - The BaguaCheck the perimeter of your property and heal any unhealthy energy that is invading. Bury quartz crystals around the perimeter at intervals and hang a pa kua mirror above the entrance. This will insure that only those energies you want to enter do. Hang wind chimes at entrances to deter negative energies and bring in ‘good’ energy with visitors. Use strategically placed mirrors to deflect unwelcome energies from overlooking buildings, trees too close, or pylons and other current carrying structures. Coils of stainless steel wire can be buried in the earth to remedy underground water or other invasive energies like ley lines, at their crossing points to and from, your property.

Entrance and Exit doors should not be opposite each other. If they are, deflect energy by blocking path with mirrors, screens or beaded curtains, so that you do not allow vital personal energies to flow straight through and out, of the home.

Plants, and even cats and dogs, will cure sharp edges and corners in rooms, or deflect blocked energy from an awkward corner; however, dogs and cats tend to move about, so use other living things, birds, fish or greenery for this cure. Avoid spiky plants and always have an odd number of fish! Small mirrors that are just big enough to see your eye in, are also perfect for this.

Internal doors tend to block energy when closed, or trap energy behind them. Where sensible, change for screens or beaded curtains that tinkle when touched. They have a wonderful effect on the energies of the living space!

Where possible, beds should never be end on to the door. This is considered bad luck, as you leave your home feet first when you have passed away, and death to an Oriental is bad luck! Remedy with a mirror on the back of the bedroom door, or re-arrange the room. Make sure that you are not overshadowed in your bed by too much tall imposing wardrobes. Heal with strategically draped material or mirrored fronts. At night, cover mirrors that are facing the bed, with material, so that the swirling energy does not keep you awake or make you exhausted. Do not stuff too much junk under your bed if you can help it, or place quartz crystals under your head area as a remedy if you have to use the space for storage, and keep it as tidy as you can.

Place a set of wind chimes above your main cooking area and a small mirror behind to reflect the positive energy of the cooking station back into the home.

Please stay tuned for the next part in this series: Chi and the Eight Enrichments

If you would like to contact Pebbles, please email us or contact us at Ananda Healing (01342 842 098 / 07917 730 944) and we will pass your details onto her.

Feng Shui – Part 2 – Clutter Clearance

Feng ShuiAnanda Healing - Feng Shui

Clutter Clearance

Our friend Jean Goodrich, Pebbles, has written a great article about Feng Shui and has given us permission to share it with you in this blog series. Thanks Pebbles.

You can find all the separate articles here: The Art of Creating Sacred Space, Clutter Clearance, Sacred Space Remedies, Chi and the Eight Enrichments

The biggest sin we commit in the West is that we own too much ‘stuff’ and actually don’t need half of it. We have it all stashed away or gathering dust somewhere, blocking up those vital corners and preventing the energy from flowing freely. We also tend to hang on to things that need repair or that we may never ever use again but are too reluctant to get rid of. The things we treasure that link us to our past and ancestry should be displayed in a proud and beautiful way and tended to regularly to avoid dirt and decay. Things that we use as part of our lives should be in good order and stored in a harmonious and healthy way. Everything that is broken or damaged should be repaired or disposed of. Everything that is surplus to our requirements should be recycled to help others and keep the energy flowing. We have too many projects on the go at one time, and often we can never finish them; they just add to the clutter, or tie up valuable resources financially or energetically, that could be better focused elsewhere.

It is never easy to attend to, or clear cluttered areas, and the more that area of our dwelling is linked to an area of our life that needs serious work, the less easy it will be to focus on it and deal with it! We often use quite elaborate and convoluted ways of avoiding clearing the areas we need to, as our conscious mind strives to maintain the status quo, whether it is good for us or not! It is our subconscious mind that holds the picture of harmony that we need to adopt and instinctively we know that it is right, but still we are reluctant to effect the change we so need!

Clutter clearance is a constant and on-going task throughout our lives, where ever we live or work, but it becomes so much a part of us and easier to do as time goes on. Also it is advisable to do this in bite sized chunks, as stirring up energy on a vast scale in your home, can create WW3 with all sorts of emotional wounds laid bare! Do what needs to be done at the time and take a break when you feel it is right to do so! Trust your feelings on this, they will guide you well!

Please stay tuned for the next part in this series: Sacred Space Remedies

If you would like to contact Pebbles, please email us or contact us at Ananda Healing (01342 842 098 / 07917 730 944) and we will pass your details onto her.

Feng Shui – Part 1 – The Art of Creating Sacred Space

Feng ShuiAnanda Healing - Feng Shui

The Art of Creating Sacred Space

Our friend Jean Goodrich, Pebbles, has written a great article about Feng Shui and has given us permission to share it with you in this blog series. Thanks Pebbles.

You can find all the separate articles here: The Art of Creating Sacred Space, Clutter Clearance, Sacred Space Remedies, Chi and the Eight Enrichments

I became interested in ‘sacred placement’ through other energy work and massage. It has been a constant and on-going passion over the last 20 years and has been a complimentary addition to the arts I’ve been privileged to learn.

I have found a direct link between health, mental state and spiritual awareness, and the aesthetic environment we occupy. I discovered there was a comparable association with the meridians of the body and the energy flowing round our homes and other areas we occupy in our daily lives. It has been a long and fascinating journey so far and I’m not even half way through! So, I thought, I’ll just ramble on about it in this article and see where it leads me!

Ananda Healing-Feng ShuiIn the Orient, natural energy placement and geomancy is a part of everyday life, and everything they do is in harmony with this. Even architects take this into consideration when designing any structure. I’m sure many of you, as children, have sat by a stream and watched the water flowing, and noticed that if a stick or leaves gets trapped, the water carries on flowing round it in gentle curves, and leaves the stagnant edges untouched. This is what happens in the environment: energy flows in the same gentle curves and where ever there are sharp corners or jagged edges, it creates a stagnant area of energy. This is extremely unhealthy for us in our living quarters or places of work as this stagnant energy creates similar sympathetically in us and we are deeply affected by it.

In the East they design living areas in a more harmonious way, allowing for energy to flow freely; not placing structures too close to pylons, major roads, other tall imposing buildings and natural features like mountains, rivers or underground fast flowing water, which create upheaval and distress, even though we may be quite unaware of the effects!

In the West, we don’t care about things like this! Architects are the new gods and build where and how they like. Prime building land is a rare resource and properties are becoming more and more suffocatingly  small and crammed together. However, it is possible to remedy the mistakes that occur in the places we live and work, using sacred placement cures and ‘clutter clearance’ techniques.

Please stay tuned for the next part in this series: Clutter Clearance

If you would like to contact Pebbles, please email us or contact us at Ananda Healing (01342 842 098 / 07917 730 944) and we will pass your details onto her.

What is hypnotherapy?

What is hypnotherapy?Ananda Healing hypnotherapy

A great number of people have misconceptions about what hypnotherapy is, what it isn’t, what it can achieve, and what it can’t. Today I’d like to clear that up with you by telling you what hypnotherapy is all about, and tell you how it can help you!

For a start hypnotherapy isn’t about the stage shows, which is stage hypnosis, and shortly I’ll explain why a hypnotherapist simply cannot make you squawk like a chicken or generally act like an idiot without your agreement.

So what is stage hypnosis all about, and why can they make people do weird things?

Well, if you imagine that in the audience for a stage hypnosis show and there’s 1000 people there, and say 90% of them actually want to be there and are up for a show, so that’s 900 left in the pot of potential candidates. Before the show the hypnotherapist will ask who is willing to come up on stage and make a fool out of themselves. Say for instance that 50% of them agree, so we’re left with 450. The hypnotist will then go through a series of susceptibility tests to see who will make the best volunteers and will select, say 50. Then those people will go through another series of hypnotic tests to see who really is “up for it” to determine the most susceptible, outgoing characters in the group. The rest will be sent back to the audience, and those on stage will be “primed” ready for the show. So a stage hypnotist will load the tables before the group even start acting like chickens or whatever they are asked to do. About 60 years ago governments experimented with hypnosis as a means of interrogation for captured enemy soldiers. After many studies they discovered that enemy soldiers could not be hypnotised to give up secrets! What this proved was that the person being hypnotised is still always in control at some level and cannot be made to do something that goes against their core beliefs.   So now you know that we can’t make you squawk like a chicken, without your agreement, what can we do with hypnotherapy?

What can we do with hypnotherapy?

Now this is the exciting part, and get ready for a long winded answer……. anything you can imagine! Now I do have to say there are physical limitations. For instance if you’re wheelchair bound and you come to me saying “Can hypnosis help me win the 100 metres mens final at the Olympic Games?”, you’re going to have to expect a “No”! But, if you come to me and say “I’ve had this phobia of heights for 20 years, but I really, really want to climb a mountain, can you help?”. In that case the answer is a resounding “YES”. If you have a problem and you want a solution then hypnotherapy can help you massively!

How does hypnotherapy work?

So how does it work then Duncan? I’m glad you asked that. We use an hypnotic induction to get you into a state of deep relaxation, very similar to a state of deep meditation. Once there the concious mind is pretty much switched into a standby mode (just like your TV) and the unconcious mind is ready to listen deeply and openly to my suggestions. We then use a series of hypnotherapy techniques (like embedded commands, illusionary choice, and metaphors) to speak directly to your unconcious mind and change the belief programming that has been causing you problems. Now the great thing is here that you are always in control, and your unconcious mind will accept the new programming deeply and allow it to take effect immediately. I’m going to go into more depth about the unconcious mind, habits and how the brain learns in another blog, which will be coming your way very soon! The simple fact is that when I have experienced hypnotherapy as a client and when my clients have experienced hypnotherapy with me they sometimes don’t even know why they’ve changed. The question I’d like to ask you now is “Do you need to know why exactly you’ve changed?”, I mean “Do you need to know exactly how the electricity gets to your house to be able to switch on the lights?”, or “do you need to know how the TV signal gets beamed through the air in order to be able to watch your favourite soap opera?”.

We deal with phobias, fears, unwanted negative emotions, performance coaching, weight loss, stopping smoking, the list goes on and on!

So whatever your problem come and see us, or give us a call on 01342 842 098 or 07917 879 052, to discuss or send us an email to ask how we can help. We don’t charge for email advice, or telephone consultations because at the end of the day our focus is getting YOU to YOUR solution! What have you got to lose, apart from those old unwanted habits and fears?

A hypnotherapy session that helps you to resolve your problem. The problem could be a phobia, fear, weight, lack of sleep, improve performance, anything your mind can imagine.

Commuting – The Consequences

Did you know, according to recent research from Sweden, couples where one partner commutes are 40% more likely to divorce?

Other research has shown commuters have increased risk of obesity, insomnia, stress and muscle aches.

What exactly does this research tell you then?  Well no more that we already suspected and that is –


So what can you do to improve your lot as a commuter?

The first and most obvious thing is to move house or change your job but if that were possible you would have done it already right?  So could there be answers elsewhere?

Well, as a therapist I would say “Yes”

The immediate issue to address is the stress.  Long term stress has an impact on the mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.  In fact, it is argued that the obesity, insomnia and muscle discomfort and even the divorce rate, are all the effects of the stress.

How do we relieve this stress?

This is down to personal choice – it may be joing the gym, jogging, taking up a new hobby.  As long as it is healthy it will help – The key word here is healthy.  Many a stressed individual has sought relaxation in the form of drugs or alcohol but the answer is not found here, only more problems.

I would certainly recommend regular relaxation treats such as massage to improve your wellbeing.  However, by far, the single most significant and achievable change you can make for the benefit of your mental, physical and emotional wellbeing is LEARN TO MEDITATE

It is simple, easy to learn and may well change your life – it will certainly change your health

Good Sleep – The Conclusion of my search for a Good Nights Sleep

As you know I have spent some weeks now researching how to get a good nights sleep and dealing with sleep deprivation.

There are good sites with useful tips and information on sleep.  The one I would recommend is the Royal College of Psychiatrists

I followed each of the tips to see if they had any effect.  I personally found the use of earplugs useful as I am clearly sound sensitive. Also the use of thick curtains at the window to prevent light creeping into the bedroom.  Items such as mobile phones, TVs etc have long since been banned from our bedroom but I was startled by how many of my friends (especially those who also had trouble sleeping!) keep their mobiles by their bed.  Another simple tip was not to engage in anything overstimulating before sleep such as a scary movie, computer games, even the late night news – how many of us do that though?

For me. however, I needed to get to the bottom of why I was such a light sleeper and sort it out!

A hypnotherapy session was the turning point for me.  Some of you may have read Duncan’s helpful blog last week.  I was quite sure the problem stemmed from the three years I lived in a ground floor flat near Gatwick Airport where my bedroom was right next to the entrance door.  I think it is safe to say I didnt have one good night’s sleep the whole time I lived there!  But how was I to get past this?  A very simple session lasting about 1hour seems to have done the trick.  My sleep has improved greatly and I am due to have another session this week which, I hope, will finally put this matter to bed (pun intended!)

I hope my story has been useful to you.  We would love to hear from you if we can help you in anyway.

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