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Katie Rodd
Katie Rodd

5 out of 5 stars

posted 1 year ago

Brilliant service! So warm and welcoming. First class beauty treatments and all with affordable prices. THANK YOU!!!


My feet had years of hard skin which Amanda has managed to remove, leaving me with lovely soft feet. I would really recommend this...

Liz W

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Vision Boarding & Goal Setting

Courage, grace and peace while facing death

I’d like to share with you a tale of courage, grace and wonderful peace. It’s still difficult to write these words as they are incredibly personal to me, but they need to be shared and celebrated. As some of you may know a few weeks ago we found out that my mother was terminally ill. I have to admit my world was thrown into one of panic and pain. I was devastated! The woman who had given birth to me and raised me was soon to be gone. We madly dashed to the hospital, a surreal journey followed by a more surreal experience. We were told that the medical staff had done all they could for her, she was terminal and they didn’t think she would have long! Speaking to my mum though she was totally calm, totally at peace and she explained that we all have a certain amount of time and when it’s our time to go, we should accept it and quietly, gently move on. I’ve heard these sayings before, generally from people who haven’t faced real adversity. This was a display of actions versus just words. Mum’s sense of peace with the World, and her belief in God, gave her such grace and courage to face the end of her life with a smile.

During the next couple of weeks she initially stayed in hospital and started to even rally a bit, determined to get herself well enough to come home, to the house she had built with my dad and lived in for 35 years. She knew she was coming home to die, to pass from this World to the next and that held no fear for her! Mum never asked, “Why me?” She never showed any anger about her fate.

During that time I was blessed to have the support of a wonderful wife and my family who came together to deal with the inevitable. We spoke about what she wanted; she wrote the order of service and detailed what she wanted for her cremation and thanks giving service. She even wrote her own goodbye message to be read out.

I came to the conclusion that if mum could deal with her imminent death with grace, courage and peace then so must I. I determined that I would practice what I preach and use the techniques we teach in the Happiness Revolution to deal with the grief and help me through the tough times. Now don’t get me wrong I still feel grief at the loss of my mum, how could I not. But by focusing on the great memories, the peace she displayed and her beautiful grace, has given me so much more peace than I would otherwise be feeling right now.

Now I’m not saying that we shouldn’t fight for life, or fight for what’s right. But, we have to realise that when there are things we cannot change, raging against them will not do any good. Fighting against what we cannot change is futile, so we need accept what we cannot change to find our true happiness. And true happiness can give us such peace and grace throughout the most difficult of times.

I’ve managed to find the peace within, thanks to the guidance and grace of my mum, practicing regular meditation, and focusing on the great things we have shared and still share. I would love the chance to help you to find your inner peace, and happiness. That is why I ran the first Happiness Revolution recently and why I’m extending it soon to incorporate videos.

Contact us to:

We would also love to hear stories of others who have found peace and courage in times of adversity, and share these with our readers.

Massage, Meditation, Hypnotherapy, Athletes & You

Ananda Healing olympic flagMassage, Meditation, Hypnotherapy, Athletes & You

With everyone glued to the splendour of the Olympics and those amazing athletes, we can only wonder at what it has taken in training, sacrifice and determination to get them there. We strongly suspect that whatever admiration and awe we are watching with now will only increase with the start of the Para Olympics.

We have been lucky enough to look after a number of marathon runners this year at Ananda Healing.  We have seen first hand what it takes to drive yourself forward through rain, pain and mental torment – when every fibre of your being is telling you to stop.  Athletes seem to be built from stronger stuff than us mere mortals, but are they?  Could it just be they have a stronger why?  It seems to us that the only thing that separates us is their reason why.  Could it be that if you dug deep and found a reason to do something that became so strong it would elevate you to a different league in your chosen area?

Some of you may also be wondering where Ananda Healing fitted into the sports training programme.  Well, mainly with massage but also with meditation, hypnotherapy and NLP.  Research is now proving the benefits of massage to athletes, with improved cell repair rate, in particular.  Meditation – we you know that is our pet subject and everyone should do it!  Duncan is also finding a number of sports people in particular are benefiting from the mind training techniques of Hypnotherapy & NLP which is invaluable to them to improve their game – the mind needing as much training as the body!

So you are not a top athlete or even aspiring to be one – how can you benefit from therapies?

Everyone can benefit from massage in particular as it lowers blood pressure, reduces pain (even in chronic conditions such as arthritis), releases “happy” hormones to improve your feelings of mental health and well-being. .  As for meditation – again, don’t even get us started – we have a recent client who has just finished her meditation course who says she cannot believe the impact it has had on her life; she feels centred and peaceful for the first time in years!  And finally, the hypnotherapy & NLP – maybe your first step to improved health is to give up smoking?  Perhaps you don’t want to run a marathon but would just like to get through the day without that fear, phobia or habit controlling you?

If you’re having difficulty in getting your why clear and bright enough to drive you, speak to us about our Vision Boarding & Goal Setting workshop!

We made a promise to ourselves when we started this practice – we would be here to serve and to do what we could to improve life for you. That drive started us out four years ago and it drives us today – THAT IS OUR WHY!

Thank You – you did a really good job!

I have to say, our clients are really very generous in their appreciation.  We are never short of testimonials for our website and everyone is more than willing to say how well we did, how much better they feel etc.  So this got me thinking – when was the last time I said THANK YOU to someone for what they had done for me?  In fact, just how much do I take people for granted in my day to day life?   You have a think about it now?  Did you say thanks to your spouse today? I am pretty sure they did at least one thing today that deserved a THANK YOU!  What about your Mum?  Mums are always doing things for us but when was the last time you acknowledged this?   We all lead increasingly fast paced, pressured lives but just for a few moments STOP! Stop and just think about all the people that deserve a nice big fat THANK YOU!  Now all you need to do is make sure you deliver it 🙂

And THANK YOU to you for taking the time to read this.  Let me know if it made a difference to your day

See some of our thank you’s

Wise Words from The Dalai Lama on Humanity and a little meditation from us to you

When asked what surprised him most about humanity, he answered –

Man, because he sacrifices his health in order to make money.  Then he sacrifices his money to recuperate his health.  And then he is so anxious about the future that he doesn’t enjoy the present; the result being that he does not live in the present or the future; he lives as if he is never going to die and then dies having never really lived

Maybe we should take a few moments today to really think about what is being said here.  Can you apply any of this to your own life?  Does it resonate with you?  And if it does, what can you do about it?The Dalai Lama What Surprises Him About Humanity Meditation - Ananda Healing

When I saw these words today, I was so grateful to my dad for insisting on our family all learning to meditateMeditation is the greatest gift and the best way to avoid the trap the Dalai Lama is describing.  It allows you to be in the present, and not to be the slave to your thoughts.  It gives you peace in an increasingly stressful world.  It gives you clarity from all the confusion.

So take those few moments today.  Close your eyes, feel your feet on the ground, take a deep breath in and then slowly exhale as if you are pushing the breath down to your feet and into the ground.  Do this a few times, whilst concentrating of the breath and nothing else.  If thoughts arise, just let them pass and bring the attention back to the breath.  Open your eyes and look around you, really see the colours, hear the sounds, feel the air.    Then you can say, just for a few moments, you lived in the present today.  Feels good doesnt it?

If you would like to know more about meditation contact us on 07917 730944, 01342 842098 or email us.




Vision Boards. What are they and why would I want to do one?

Vision BoardWhat is a Vision Board?

Simply it is a collage you make using photos, magazine cutouts, anything you like that gives you a clear image of what you want from your life, whatever you desire.  In other words, it should depict a clear visual focus for where you want your life to be.  Once done it should be placed somewhere prominent so that it gives you a constant prompt of the direction you want to travel.


Without focus, it is the human condition, for most of us anyway, to meander though life reacting to what ever happens to us on a daily basis.  We may have a vague idea of the job or business we want, the partner we would like, the children, the holiday, the house etc. but without any real, clear vision.  A vision board is a fun way to give you that clarity to discover exactly what you want! Brilliant!


What you need and how?

Materials – a board, glue or pins, magazines, photos etc

It is a good idea to set time aside and come to settle before you start.  Just sit quietly and focus on your breath for a few moments and then just ask yourself “What do I really want?” and then go for it!  Start looking through the magazines and photos to find the ones that best depict your goals and dreams.

If you are getting stuck with how to Vision Board we have recommended a couple of products available at Amazon

We are also currently putting together a Vision Boarding and Goal Setting workshop which will be held soon in our brand new treatment and training room. This will be a great, hands on workshop and you’ll get plenty of chance and guidance on exactly how to discover what you really want, create your vision of the future on the board and how to maintain the focus to actually achieve your goals. As we do at Ananda Healing we’re merging traditional meditation and relaxation techniques with the science and art of neuro linguistic programming, NLP, to give you the very best tools to get to where you want, and deserve, to be! It will be fantastic fun, whilst being a great challenge.

Drop us an email or call us on, 01342 842 098 / 07917 730 944, if you would like to pre-register your interest.

Can I do this with friends?

Yes!  Why not through a vision boarding party!  Invite some friends, get the cakes out and spend a few hours together.  The more enjoyable you make it, the more effective it will be for you. Also simply by sharing your vision of your own future with your friends you’ll make it more real and achievable.

Once you have collect the works and pictures you feel best capture the image of your future you can start arranging them on your board.  You may want to discard some at this point.  REMEMBER – they need to capture your dream in one.  Just keep your intent and focus and ask yourself with each cutting “Is this really what I want?”


Vision Boarding course
A great, hands on workshop and you’ll get plenty of chance and guidance on exactly how to discover what you really want, create your vision of the future on the board and how to maintain the focus to actually achieve your goals. As we do at Ananda Healing we’re merging traditional meditation and relaxation techniques with the science and art of neuro linguistic programming, NLP, to give you the very best tools to get to where you want, and deserve, to be! It will be fantastic fun, whilst being a great challenge.
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