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Peter Roberts
Peter Roberts

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posted 3 months ago

I escaped and experienced a massage by Ananda where the daily stress and cares and are replaced by a totally calm, relaxed and inner peace and would recommend anyone to visit. It is simply most refreshing and uplifting.


Dear Amanda and team,
I just wanted to say, thank you so much for everything you did to help me get ready for my wedding.
I loved...

Katie Rodd-Gibson

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Duncan’s Weight Loss Challenge – Part 3 Feeling great after a fortnight

Firstly an apology for the late posting of this blog. It’s been a very busy time for us at Ananda Healing, but no excuses.

Here we are, 2 weeks into the challenge and the weight is still coming off. Despite a barbeque and family meal out in the last week I’ve lost another 2lbs (so a bit slower than last week), but I’ve also noticed that I’m toning up more. I’m not particularly exercising more but I have noticed that my stomach is tightening back up and my arms are firmer. More about that in a bit, but it is a great feeling to get out on the golf course and feel so full of energy and vitality.

Amanda has noticed how my face has started to look slimmer, which is always nice, and also noted that I look younger, which is even better! When I’m looking in the mirror now I’m starting to see some of the old me there, looking more fit than fat (or at least moving in the right direction).

I’ve now lost about half a stone, so over a third of the way to my target in just 2 weeks. Even though the weight loss slowed this week I’m still easily exceeding my weekly targets.

But of course the big question is; am I feeling hungry during the day? Absolutely not, over the weekend I forgot to have my lunchtime shake so by the time we went out to dinner I’d had 2 bananas and 1 shake during the day, and still hadn’t felt particularly hungry during the day. When you consider I’d been working in the garden, playing golf etc I’d had a full day too. This had been my main worry as I know some people who’d done other plans and been hungry most of the time, but not with the Body by Vi.

Going back to the firming up, I was reading about the Body by Vi range and they aren’t just for weight loss. Because of their ingredients they are providing the body with the nutrition it needs rather than the rubbish we usually shovel in, so the toning up becomes an added bonus.

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