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charley sale
charley sale

5 out of 5 stars

posted 3 months ago

I’ve been coming to see Amanda for over 7 years for my Gel Nails which I think already says a lot. From the start, it’s always been such a friendly and relaxing place to come that’s got a homely, warm and welcoming setting, which beats any non cosy shop. You also receive a much more personable experience with lots of chatting which I much prefer (previous places where I had my nails done would be in silence). I think if my hands fell off tomorrow, I’d still visit every three weeks for our catch up :).

Thank you for always giving me pretty nails xx


Amanda makes me feel relaxed when I see her for my treatments, so much so I could fall asleep. Her pedicures are wonderful and I...

S Woods

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Duncan’s weight loss and mud run challenge

Following on from my previous blog posts about my weight loss, and the benefits of the Body By Vi challenge, I took part in a new challenge over the weekend. I took part in a 6K mud run to raise money for my Scouts, 1st Burstow Scout Group, where I’m the Scout leader. The scouts did their part by helping me to raise sponsorship money and so far we’re totalling £560. A mud run sounds like fun so I’ll describe the challenges to give you more of an idea. As well as running across fields, woods, uphill and downhill we had to overcome other challenges such as; crawling under barbed wire through muddy cold and often stagnant water, swim about 40 metres across a 6 foot deep lake (so you couldn’t wade across), carry a car tyre up and down a hill, more wading through stagnant ponds, crawling through mud, jumping over fire pits, climbing through an electric lattice and of course a brilliant water slide! Anyway 48 minutes after starting I crossed the finish line and received my finishers medal!

Duncan before his weight loss challenge Duncan after hi weight loss challengeIf someone had told me 4 months ago that, having not run for about 17 years, I could complete such a task in a pretty good time I would have laughed at them and said no way. If you add to that the fact that all those 17 years ago I broke my back and had a load of metal screws fitted in my lower spine, it makes this task all the more improbable. Needless to say, I’m very proud of what I’ve achieved. I’m not writing this to brag though, I want to share with you how I did it, so you can do the same (it’s not compulsory to do the mud run bit, but you can if you like).

In May 2013 I weighed about 15 1/2 stone, had a 41″ waist and couldn’t run for more than 200 yards without gasping for breath. I started losing weight by using the Body By Vi Meal Replacement shakes, replacing 2 meals a day. Not only did I lose the weight I wanted, but I found I had more energy and was increasing my lean muscle mass. brilliant results on their own. Being the sort of person I am, a month later I decided to take things a step further and get fitter too. I started cycling to the station each day, a 7 mile round trip, and running to increase my endurance and weight loss.

In 4 months I’ve lost over 1 1/2 stone and lost 5-6 inches around my waist. I can now run at least 6 miles without stopping, and have increased my cycling to about 50 miles a week.

I can’t believe the difference between then and now, and Amanda’s pretty impressed too. See the difference in the pictures (sorry about the clown outfit, the fancy dress was part of the sponsorship deal with my scouts).

If you would like to speak to Duncan about your own Body By Vi weight loss challenge please email him or just give us a call.

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