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Peter Roberts

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posted 10 months ago

I escaped and experienced a massage by Ananda where the daily stress and cares and are replaced by a totally calm, relaxed and inner peace and would recommend anyone to visit. It is simply most refreshing and uplifting.


Duncan’s hypnotherapy was very helpful in helping to deal with my exam stress. He had a really calming presence which made me feel a lot...


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Feng Shui – Part 3 – Sacred Space Remedies

Feng ShuiAnanda Healing - Feng Shui

Sacred Space Remedies

Our friend Jean Goodrich, Pebbles, has written a great article about Feng Shui and has given us permission to share it with you in this blog series. Thanks Pebbles.

You can find all the separate articles here: The Art of Creating Sacred Space, Clutter Clearance, Sacred Space Remedies, Chi and the Eight Enrichments

Once you have broken the back of the clutter clearance, you can begin to incorporate the ‘remedies’ to enhance the positive energies that you are slowly uncovering and becoming accustomed to.

Ananda Healing - Feng Shui - The BaguaCheck the perimeter of your property and heal any unhealthy energy that is invading. Bury quartz crystals around the perimeter at intervals and hang a pa kua mirror above the entrance. This will insure that only those energies you want to enter do. Hang wind chimes at entrances to deter negative energies and bring in ‘good’ energy with visitors. Use strategically placed mirrors to deflect unwelcome energies from overlooking buildings, trees too close, or pylons and other current carrying structures. Coils of stainless steel wire can be buried in the earth to remedy underground water or other invasive energies like ley lines, at their crossing points to and from, your property.

Entrance and Exit doors should not be opposite each other. If they are, deflect energy by blocking path with mirrors, screens or beaded curtains, so that you do not allow vital personal energies to flow straight through and out, of the home.

Plants, and even cats and dogs, will cure sharp edges and corners in rooms, or deflect blocked energy from an awkward corner; however, dogs and cats tend to move about, so use other living things, birds, fish or greenery for this cure. Avoid spiky plants and always have an odd number of fish! Small mirrors that are just big enough to see your eye in, are also perfect for this.

Internal doors tend to block energy when closed, or trap energy behind them. Where sensible, change for screens or beaded curtains that tinkle when touched. They have a wonderful effect on the energies of the living space!

Where possible, beds should never be end on to the door. This is considered bad luck, as you leave your home feet first when you have passed away, and death to an Oriental is bad luck! Remedy with a mirror on the back of the bedroom door, or re-arrange the room. Make sure that you are not overshadowed in your bed by too much tall imposing wardrobes. Heal with strategically draped material or mirrored fronts. At night, cover mirrors that are facing the bed, with material, so that the swirling energy does not keep you awake or make you exhausted. Do not stuff too much junk under your bed if you can help it, or place quartz crystals under your head area as a remedy if you have to use the space for storage, and keep it as tidy as you can.

Place a set of wind chimes above your main cooking area and a small mirror behind to reflect the positive energy of the cooking station back into the home.

Please stay tuned for the next part in this series: Chi and the Eight Enrichments

If you would like to contact Pebbles, please email us or contact us at Ananda Healing (01342 842 098 / 07917 730 944) and we will pass your details onto her.

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