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Katie Rodd

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posted 1 year ago

Brilliant service! So warm and welcoming. First class beauty treatments and all with affordable prices. THANK YOU!!!


Really happy with all the treatments I have had with Amanda. Relaxing environment every time I have visited. Amanda has spend some time on sorting...

Vicky C - Redhill

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Feng ShuiAnanda Healing - Feng Shui

Chi and the Eight Enrichments

Our friend Jean Goodrich, Pebbles, has written a great article about Feng Shui and has given us permission to share it with you in this blog series. Thanks Pebbles.

You can find all the separate articles here: The Art of Creating Sacred Space, Clutter Clearance, Sacred Space Remedies, Chi and the Eight Enrichments

A simple plan to help you understand the areas of your home, office, or even desk, that are related to areas of your life, can be drawn to help you to locate areas of your dwelling that relate to your mind, body or spirit. Draw a rectangle, long sides horizontal. short sides vertical, on paper in front of you. Divide into 2 rows of 4 squares. Starting bottom right and going round clockwise, label the squares in this order:-  Prosperity and Fame, Peace and Happiness, Pleasure and Indulgence, New Beginnings, Relationships, Children and Family, Wisdom and Experience, and Wealth and Money. Note where entrances fall in this map, and use the same layout for each floor of your property. You will soon see that certain areas may be misplaced and need changing around or remedying.  Make any changes slowly and carefully, being aware of the energy movement as you are doing this, and the feel of the energy after each change has taken place. This is the fun part! feeling the energy changes and the positive effects on your life. Playing with the energy and ‘tweaking’ it as you go, is all part of the transformation!

Ananda Healing - Feng Shui - Chi And The Eight EnrichmentsGive your home an energy ‘spring-clean’ every so often, by using sound and incense to move blocked or unwelcome energy. Smudge sticks waved into corners or swirled into inaccessible places like under beds or in cupboards or wardrobes, and don’t forget the loft or cellar, if you have them. Clapping, drumming, gongs, bells and music are all very useful and appropriate for balancing and harmonising the energies in your space. It can make you feel as if you have been on a Wurlitzer afterward though, so make sure that you do this at an agreeable time for all concerned. The folk you share your space with may not entirely embrace these ideas, so do what you can and wait for the knock-on effects.

I have known these basic and simple techniques to cause all sorts of disputes including divorce, as people’s energy reaches its’ full potential, and others they share space with, resist change. There are stagnant people as well as space, and they have to embrace the constant and ever changing environment, or move to a space more in keeping with their needs. Life is a constantly changing dynamic and to deny this is to invite discord in body and mind. No one can dictate to another how space and time is used, it is purely personal, and each of us has the final word on our choices in life. Accept the things that ‘space clearing’ reveals about you and use this knowledge to grow and strengthen in spirit.

Have fun playing with the energies in your personal space, and ‘happy space clearing’ too! Grow and transform; enjoy yourselves!

If you would like to contact Pebbles, please email us or contact us at Ananda Healing (01342 842 098 / 07917 730 944) and we will pass your details onto her.

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