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charley sale
charley sale

5 out of 5 stars

posted 3 months ago

I’ve been coming to see Amanda for over 7 years for my Gel Nails which I think already says a lot. From the start, it’s always been such a friendly and relaxing place to come that’s got a homely, warm and welcoming setting, which beats any non cosy shop. You also receive a much more personable experience with lots of chatting which I much prefer (previous places where I had my nails done would be in silence). I think if my hands fell off tomorrow, I’d still visit every three weeks for our catch up :).

Thank you for always giving me pretty nails xx


Excellent business run by people who are passionate about their products and services. They offer sound impartial advise in all matters. Highly recommended

Gilly Nyland

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Spray Tan – The Safe Tan

Ananda_Healing_Vita_Liberata_Natural_Spray_TanEveryday we are being faced with growing evidence that sunbathing and sun beds are not only ageing our skin, but, also putting us at a higher risk of cancer.  When UV radiation penetrates skin, it causes changes in the cells that can lead to sunburn, premature ageing, DNA damage and skin cancer. There are two types of UV radiation: UVA is responsible for skin ageing, and UVB causes sunburn. Both are thought to be a major risk factor for skin cancer.

So, if we know it is bad, why do we do it?  Because nothing makes you feel better than sporting a great tan; you feel healthy, slimmer and generally better about the yourself.



Well, here at Ananda Healing, we have found the answer for you.  We have found a great looking (no tangerine skin here!) spray, natural ingredients, mainly organic and guaranteed flawless results.  We are proud to associate ourselves with the luxury brand of Vita Liberata.

What sets Vita Liberata apart

  • Moisture Locking System
  • Organic Anti-age Ingredients
  • Quick Drying (withing 5 mins)
  • Odourless
  • Perfect Fade
  • Non Toxic – free from parabens, alcohol and perfume
  • Completely Natural Looking Results


The products are completely in keeping with our holistic, clean, safe ethos.  It is always about putting you, our client, first


“VL takes an entirely new approach to move away from negative connotations around self tanning, towards NATURALODOURLESSPURE FORMULATIONS that guarantee flawless results” – Alison Hogg – founder.

Trained by Clara, Vita’s VIP Tanner, we can now offer a first class tanning service.  It is the choice of the ‘A’ listers, (Kirsten Dunst) but don’t take our word for it, book yours today.

Vita Liberata Luxury Spray Tan
Vita Liberata Luxury Spray Tan
Ananda Healing is proud to be a registered Vita Liberata Spray Supplier. The products are completely in keeping with our holistic, clean, safe ethos. The tanning service we offer is first class, and the first choice of the 'A listers', but don't take our word for it - Book yours today
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