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Charles Caleb Colton - "Our minds are as different as our faces: we are all travelling to one destination; --happiness; but few are going by the same road."

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Peter Roberts
Peter Roberts

5 out of 5 stars

posted 1 year ago

I escaped and experienced a massage by Ananda where the daily stress and cares and are replaced by a totally calm, relaxed and inner peace and would recommend anyone to visit. It is simply most refreshing and uplifting.


"I had the French Gelish manicure. This was my first time as I have had acrylics in the past. I couldn't believe the finish Amanda...


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Why Did We Leave Corporate Careers To Start Up ANANDA HEALING?

Recently, I had to do a presentation to a room full of strangers who had little or no idea about Ananda Healing, who we are, why we started the business, our ethics, our passion. So, I told them our story, our why!

It struck me afterwards, that probably few of you know the whole story and so I decided to share it with you too

Firstly, who are we? Lets start with Duncan, Duncan is a Reiki Practitioner, Master Hypnotherapist, and Master NLP Practitioner (Neuro Linguistic Programming).  He comes from a very practical, no nonsense background, his family had a carpentry & building business, they ran a small holding and the extended family were all farmers.  He left school to join the Royal Marines and then the Police Force.  Maybe not the background you think of when you think of a therapist?  He loves Mathematics, computers and logic (I prefer shopping myself!).  But how you go from IT to Hypnotherapy and NLP?  To Duncan it is simple – if you can program a computer, you can program a mind – if you can fix a bug in a pr0gramme, you can fix a problem in the mind!  And I have seen him do this so many times, and sometimes at lightening speed! It never ceases to amaze me.

I have seen him fix phobias, fears, self-esteem issues, sports performance, smoking and weight – he is the registered Hypno-Band practitioner for the area (some of you may have heard Paul McKenna talking about this recently – it is basically providing the benefits of a physical gastric band but without the pain, risks, surgery of massive cost! Not to mention an over 70% success rate!).  Duncan is also amazing at dealing with children’s issues, including self-esteem, bullying, psychology impact of divorce etc.

So now you know a little bit about Duncan but why did we set Ananda Healing up? What was behind this ‘crazy’, according to my Mum, decision to give up successful corporate careers to start a therapies business? What are out core values?

We are passionate about well-being, we want people to feel good about themselves.  We want to help people see that there is always a choice.

Both Duncan and myself have had to come to terms with serious health issues in the past and continue to live with these now.  Duncan was a serving Police Officer, aged just 28, when he broke his back whilst riot training.  He could have just given up at this point but he didn’t.  He took a masters degree, carved a new career and, this is the interesting bit, if you ask him about the accident now, he would tell you it was one of the best things that has happened to him.

I too have had a difficult ride with regards to my health, since babyhood really, including a heart condition and Type 1 Diabetes but I would echo Duncan’s thoughts.  I would say the decision that made the greatest difference to me personally was learning to meditate.  My dad considered meditation to be as important as learning to read and write, but then my dad was something special – a story for another day.  For Duncan it was learning to become a Hypnotherapist & NLP Practitioner.  We always say to our clients, “Everyone’s journey is different and you have to find what works for you” – we are just here to facilitate.

We both took responsibility and made positive choices – choices regarding our lives and our well-being.  Many people do not even know that have a choice.  My Dad, who I have already explained was extraordinary, always told me “You may not have a choice in what happens to you but you always have a choice in how you deal with it”  AND THIS IS THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT THING WE WISH TO GIVE OUR CLIENTS

Before we started Ananda healing though we took time to talk and form our ethos that would drive and guide our philosophy. We decided that money would not drive our business, service would. We made the conscious decision to provide the very best for our clients, even if that meant recommending they go to someone else! And we have stuck to that throughout.

We began by specifically offering treatments that enhance well-being and by doing so we saw this was giving people back some control.  I could go on about the research on massage etc and the chemical/physiological changes that happen in the body but, again, that is for another day.  Gradually we also discovered that beyond the holistic therapies, our clients also responded profoundly with treatments that made them look good, which in turn made them feel good.  It started when I was asked, many times, by clients, if I could recommend a skincare range that was natural and, or, provided help with problem skin, children’s skin etc.  It took me two years of research and putting some very strange stuff on my own skin until I eventually found Arbonne, the Swiss formulated, botanical skincare range – it is phenomenal!  (Do let us know if you would like to trial it). It really is the skincare industry’s best kept secret as it is only available through consultants such as ourselves.  Forget what the Celebs are advertising – this is what they are using!.

Because of our discovery about how people look and the effect on their well-being since starting Arbonne, we have decided to now start moving more into the beauty side of the business. We have recently launched the Gelish 21 day manicure system that DOES NOT DAMAGE YOUR NAILS and DOES NOT CONTAIN FORMALDEHYDE.

During the summer we will be launching other beauty services BUT THIS WILL BE DONE, AS ALWAYS, WITH YOUR WELL-BEING AND HEALTH IN MIND.

Your well-being is our passion.

STRESS – Is It Killing You?

Ananda Healing - Is Stress killing you?STRESS – Is It Killing You?

We have always know that long-term stress is bad for you – the constant and prolonged release of the stress hormone cortisol is associated with a number of serious effects including high blood pressure, suppressed immunity, decreased bone density, impaired cognitive performance and many others. However, have you noticed the amount of recent research on exactly how bad it is for you there has been lately?

A recent study for the Lancet by Prof Andrew Steptoe indicates work related stress causes a 23% increase in the risk of heart attacks

Researchers in the US have now analysed the brain tissue from depressed & stressed individuals and discovered a brain shrinkage.  It is believed the stress blocks the formation of new nerve connections disrupting the circuits associated with mental and emotional function, how stress and depression shrink the brain

More recently, Professor Sarah Berga of Emory University of Atlanta has released her research on the link between stress and infertility


You have got to work.  You can’t give your teenagers away (nice thought maybe) and the house/garden etc is not going to do itself.  (Roll on the invention of the self-cleaning house we say!)

It is all about finding something you can do , for yourself, to reduce your personal stress levels and increase your levels of relaxation. What you do is going to be down to personal choice, but you have to find it, schedule it in and commit to it.  After all, how hard would it really be to schedule in a weekly massage take a 20min walk in the park/ practice meditation? ANSWER – Not very hard, unless your stress levels are already becoming chronic and impacting on your mental well-being – then what?  We would always recommend you visit your GP to get a correct diagnosis and then, any good GP will recommend a talking/counselling therapy.  Again, who you choose should be a personal choice but we would recommend an ‘off the record’ chat with any potental therapist before committing.  We always provide a free consultation either in person or by telephone before we would even allow a client to make an appointment for our hypnotherapy or NLP.  You really need to feel you could trust and feel comfortable with your therapist to ge the best results.

We believe prolonged and/or chronic stress is a silent killer of our age.  Do not ignore it.  Have a look at some of the symptoms listed below:

  • Difficulty with sleeping
  • Palpitations
  • Constant tiredness
  • Aching/tense muscles
  • Deminished Libido
  • Weight gain or loss (not due to dieting)
  • Increased alcohol or drug intake

Do more than one of these apply to you?



Massage, Meditation, Hypnotherapy, Athletes & You

Ananda Healing olympic flagMassage, Meditation, Hypnotherapy, Athletes & You

With everyone glued to the splendour of the Olympics and those amazing athletes, we can only wonder at what it has taken in training, sacrifice and determination to get them there. We strongly suspect that whatever admiration and awe we are watching with now will only increase with the start of the Para Olympics.

We have been lucky enough to look after a number of marathon runners this year at Ananda Healing.  We have seen first hand what it takes to drive yourself forward through rain, pain and mental torment – when every fibre of your being is telling you to stop.  Athletes seem to be built from stronger stuff than us mere mortals, but are they?  Could it just be they have a stronger why?  It seems to us that the only thing that separates us is their reason why.  Could it be that if you dug deep and found a reason to do something that became so strong it would elevate you to a different league in your chosen area?

Some of you may also be wondering where Ananda Healing fitted into the sports training programme.  Well, mainly with massage but also with meditation, hypnotherapy and NLP.  Research is now proving the benefits of massage to athletes, with improved cell repair rate, in particular.  Meditation – we you know that is our pet subject and everyone should do it!  Duncan is also finding a number of sports people in particular are benefiting from the mind training techniques of Hypnotherapy & NLP which is invaluable to them to improve their game – the mind needing as much training as the body!

So you are not a top athlete or even aspiring to be one – how can you benefit from therapies?

Everyone can benefit from massage in particular as it lowers blood pressure, reduces pain (even in chronic conditions such as arthritis), releases “happy” hormones to improve your feelings of mental health and well-being. .  As for meditation – again, don’t even get us started – we have a recent client who has just finished her meditation course who says she cannot believe the impact it has had on her life; she feels centred and peaceful for the first time in years!  And finally, the hypnotherapy & NLP – maybe your first step to improved health is to give up smoking?  Perhaps you don’t want to run a marathon but would just like to get through the day without that fear, phobia or habit controlling you?

If you’re having difficulty in getting your why clear and bright enough to drive you, speak to us about our Vision Boarding & Goal Setting workshop!

We made a promise to ourselves when we started this practice – we would be here to serve and to do what we could to improve life for you. That drive started us out four years ago and it drives us today – THAT IS OUR WHY!

What is hypnotherapy?

What is hypnotherapy?Ananda Healing hypnotherapy

A great number of people have misconceptions about what hypnotherapy is, what it isn’t, what it can achieve, and what it can’t. Today I’d like to clear that up with you by telling you what hypnotherapy is all about, and tell you how it can help you!

For a start hypnotherapy isn’t about the stage shows, which is stage hypnosis, and shortly I’ll explain why a hypnotherapist simply cannot make you squawk like a chicken or generally act like an idiot without your agreement.

So what is stage hypnosis all about, and why can they make people do weird things?

Well, if you imagine that in the audience for a stage hypnosis show and there’s 1000 people there, and say 90% of them actually want to be there and are up for a show, so that’s 900 left in the pot of potential candidates. Before the show the hypnotherapist will ask who is willing to come up on stage and make a fool out of themselves. Say for instance that 50% of them agree, so we’re left with 450. The hypnotist will then go through a series of susceptibility tests to see who will make the best volunteers and will select, say 50. Then those people will go through another series of hypnotic tests to see who really is “up for it” to determine the most susceptible, outgoing characters in the group. The rest will be sent back to the audience, and those on stage will be “primed” ready for the show. So a stage hypnotist will load the tables before the group even start acting like chickens or whatever they are asked to do. About 60 years ago governments experimented with hypnosis as a means of interrogation for captured enemy soldiers. After many studies they discovered that enemy soldiers could not be hypnotised to give up secrets! What this proved was that the person being hypnotised is still always in control at some level and cannot be made to do something that goes against their core beliefs.   So now you know that we can’t make you squawk like a chicken, without your agreement, what can we do with hypnotherapy?

What can we do with hypnotherapy?

Now this is the exciting part, and get ready for a long winded answer……. anything you can imagine! Now I do have to say there are physical limitations. For instance if you’re wheelchair bound and you come to me saying “Can hypnosis help me win the 100 metres mens final at the Olympic Games?”, you’re going to have to expect a “No”! But, if you come to me and say “I’ve had this phobia of heights for 20 years, but I really, really want to climb a mountain, can you help?”. In that case the answer is a resounding “YES”. If you have a problem and you want a solution then hypnotherapy can help you massively!

How does hypnotherapy work?

So how does it work then Duncan? I’m glad you asked that. We use an hypnotic induction to get you into a state of deep relaxation, very similar to a state of deep meditation. Once there the concious mind is pretty much switched into a standby mode (just like your TV) and the unconcious mind is ready to listen deeply and openly to my suggestions. We then use a series of hypnotherapy techniques (like embedded commands, illusionary choice, and metaphors) to speak directly to your unconcious mind and change the belief programming that has been causing you problems. Now the great thing is here that you are always in control, and your unconcious mind will accept the new programming deeply and allow it to take effect immediately. I’m going to go into more depth about the unconcious mind, habits and how the brain learns in another blog, which will be coming your way very soon! The simple fact is that when I have experienced hypnotherapy as a client and when my clients have experienced hypnotherapy with me they sometimes don’t even know why they’ve changed. The question I’d like to ask you now is “Do you need to know why exactly you’ve changed?”, I mean “Do you need to know exactly how the electricity gets to your house to be able to switch on the lights?”, or “do you need to know how the TV signal gets beamed through the air in order to be able to watch your favourite soap opera?”.

We deal with phobias, fears, unwanted negative emotions, performance coaching, weight loss, stopping smoking, the list goes on and on!

So whatever your problem come and see us, or give us a call on 01342 842 098 or 07917 879 052, to discuss or send us an email to ask how we can help. We don’t charge for email advice, or telephone consultations because at the end of the day our focus is getting YOU to YOUR solution! What have you got to lose, apart from those old unwanted habits and fears?

A hypnotherapy session that helps you to resolve your problem. The problem could be a phobia, fear, weight, lack of sleep, improve performance, anything your mind can imagine.

Vision Boards. What are they and why would I want to do one?

Vision BoardWhat is a Vision Board?

Simply it is a collage you make using photos, magazine cutouts, anything you like that gives you a clear image of what you want from your life, whatever you desire.  In other words, it should depict a clear visual focus for where you want your life to be.  Once done it should be placed somewhere prominent so that it gives you a constant prompt of the direction you want to travel.


Without focus, it is the human condition, for most of us anyway, to meander though life reacting to what ever happens to us on a daily basis.  We may have a vague idea of the job or business we want, the partner we would like, the children, the holiday, the house etc. but without any real, clear vision.  A vision board is a fun way to give you that clarity to discover exactly what you want! Brilliant!


What you need and how?

Materials – a board, glue or pins, magazines, photos etc

It is a good idea to set time aside and come to settle before you start.  Just sit quietly and focus on your breath for a few moments and then just ask yourself “What do I really want?” and then go for it!  Start looking through the magazines and photos to find the ones that best depict your goals and dreams.

If you are getting stuck with how to Vision Board we have recommended a couple of products available at Amazon

We are also currently putting together a Vision Boarding and Goal Setting workshop which will be held soon in our brand new treatment and training room. This will be a great, hands on workshop and you’ll get plenty of chance and guidance on exactly how to discover what you really want, create your vision of the future on the board and how to maintain the focus to actually achieve your goals. As we do at Ananda Healing we’re merging traditional meditation and relaxation techniques with the science and art of neuro linguistic programming, NLP, to give you the very best tools to get to where you want, and deserve, to be! It will be fantastic fun, whilst being a great challenge.

Drop us an email or call us on, 01342 842 098 / 07917 730 944, if you would like to pre-register your interest.

Can I do this with friends?

Yes!  Why not through a vision boarding party!  Invite some friends, get the cakes out and spend a few hours together.  The more enjoyable you make it, the more effective it will be for you. Also simply by sharing your vision of your own future with your friends you’ll make it more real and achievable.

Once you have collect the works and pictures you feel best capture the image of your future you can start arranging them on your board.  You may want to discard some at this point.  REMEMBER – they need to capture your dream in one.  Just keep your intent and focus and ask yourself with each cutting “Is this really what I want?”


Vision Boarding course
A great, hands on workshop and you’ll get plenty of chance and guidance on exactly how to discover what you really want, create your vision of the future on the board and how to maintain the focus to actually achieve your goals. As we do at Ananda Healing we’re merging traditional meditation and relaxation techniques with the science and art of neuro linguistic programming, NLP, to give you the very best tools to get to where you want, and deserve, to be! It will be fantastic fun, whilst being a great challenge.

Struggling to stop smoking?

That was a question, not a statement by the way.

I saw a report in the news “JUST 12 per cent of Wigan’s smokers using the NHS Stop Smoking Service actually kicked the habit latest figures show“.

So why is it that these figures are so low? Well, here are some of my thoughts on the subject.

I found these words on the NHS Stop Smoking Service website

What to expect

When you join we’ll get you working with a trained adviser; either in a group or one-to-one. The sessions usually start a couple of weeks before you quit.

Why it helps

Your adviser will be able to tell you about nicotine replacement products and other stop smoking medicines, and recommend which product or combination of products could work for you.

We use a carbon monoxide monitor to measure your levels of carbon monoxide. This is a great motivational tool because it helps you to see the benefits of giving up smoking.

Many people find that sharing the experience with others is really helpful in itself.

Struggling to Stop Smoking?The above addresses the problem of stopping smoking and offers to tell you about nicotine replacement products and medicines, but doesn’t ever address the problem of the habit itself. I wrote a blog on habits, the habit virus, some time ago which tells you what habits are, how they’re formed and, more importantly, how they can be changed into better habits for you!

The biggest part of quitting smoking is dealing with the habit itself, the part of you that tells you it’s time for a cigarette, the part of you that already has a cigarette in your mouth and lit up before you even think conciously about it! If you don’t deal with that then your struggle to quit smoking is just that much harder. Now don’t get me wrong people have quit simply by willpower alone, and deciding truly to quit. What I do is to make it easier for the people who do find they struggle with it. And before you ask yes I did used to smoke, so I know how difficult it can be to quit.

Two people pulling in different directionsThe great thing about hypnotherapy, neuro linguistic programming (NLP), and time based techniques is that we talk directly to the unconcious mind, the part of your brain that deals with your habits and literally help you to reprogam it so that you create a new, better habit of not smoking. This also helps with the anger a lot of people find they suffer from when they’re quitting. Imagine if you will two people pulling in different directions, nothing is achieved. If you decide conciously to quit, but your unconcious habit pulls you back to smoking, where will you end up?

If you truly want to quit smoking and want a guaranteed solution, then simply contact Ananda Healing on 01342 842098 or 07917 730944 to book a free consultation or an appointment.

The Happiness Revolution – What is it?

I’ve been asked by a number of people just what is The Happiness Revolution? And when is it coming around? So I thought I’d give you all a sneak preview.

I’m starting a 21 day, free programme, that will take up about 2-5 minutes per day for those that chose to follow me. It will be launching on Friday 9th March 2012 for 3 weeks initially, and continuing from there. The techniques that will be included are proven to increase happiness now rather than keeping happiness as that illusive desire just over the horizon.

I was inspired to take a 21 day journey changing some old, bad, habits and creating some new ones, and thought why not see if anyone else would like to join me?

I’ll be offering daily support throughout the programme, and will be taking you step by step to finding happiness right now in your own life!

So, on Friday 9th March 2012, look on here to see exactly what it’s about, and how you can easily join me on this wonderful journey!

Having a tough time? Tips to keep you going

Everyone of us faces tough times in our life.  These are a few of our tips to help you through.

1. Avoid negative people/media/situations.

Its not always possible but if you know someone who completely drains you of energy (and we all know someone that does that, don’t we?) and you are about to avoid their company for now then do so.  If you are feeling down, don’t watch the news! It is never going to uplift you is it?

2. Find at least one thing a day to laugh about

Dig out your favourite comedy dvd or ring that friend that always has you in fits of giggles.

3. Get out there!

However tempting it may be to pull the duvet over your head, unless it is sleep your body needs (and sometimes it is), the best medicine is good company, a bit of fresh air and some exercise.

4. Good Food

Keep it healthy and regular even if you don’t feel like it.

5. Dont be afraid to ask for help.

We all need help from time to time. It isn’t a sign of weakness.  You will find there are people who are only to willing to help and probably delighted you have asked them.

6. If you feel overwhelmed, STOP!

Go for a walk, a swim, whatever, but stop for a break.  Come back refreshed and then tackle one task at a time.  It may help to write down the things you need to attend to in order of priority.  Leave the things that can be left, and then take a good look at the bottom of the list – Do they really need doing now?

7. Read a good book or listen to a good audio-book.

No, not just any book. Try something designed to inspire or help.  We would recommend Dr Wayne Dyer’s “Being in Balance” or perhaps something by Tony Robbins.  There are some really good ones out there.  Contact us if you would like some guidance.

8. Think of all the people you have know have survived terrible challenges in their life and gone on to be stronger for them.  Ask them how they did it. If you get stuck with this one contact us.

9. First thing in the morning and last thing at night count at least one thing in your life you are grateful for. Maybe as part of a meditation

10.Finally, REMEMBER IT WILL PASS – all things do.

If you feel you would like some guidance and support and would like to try either Meditation or Hynotherapy, please call us today on 01342 842098 for a free, no obligation consultation.


Journey to good sleep – the next episode

Following on from Amanda’s search for a good night’s sleep I’d like to talk to you today about how hypnotherapy and other mind therapies can help. As Amanda said in the last blog her use of meditation has helped a great deal in dealing with her lack of sleep. There is another side to the meditation, in that it can also give you a wonderful peaceful place to settle off to sleep.

Now let me ask you a question, do you have difficulty in staying asleep? Waking a number of times during the night? Or having difficulty in settling again when you wake up? Do you have difficulty in getting off to sleep in the first place? Switching your mind off? If that is the case then learning meditation, or self-hypnosis techniques, can certainly help. Both these techniques help you to relax deeply and find that tranquil place in which to drift off to sleep.

If these sort of techniques aren’t working for you and you just can’t switch off then that’s where hypnotherapy can help. The great thing about hypnotherapy is that it bypasses all the logical concious mind and gets straight to your unconcious. This may be a good time to briefly talk about the difference between the concious and unconcious mind. If you can imagine an elephant with a rider on its back. The rider is like the concious mind and the unconcious mind is like the elephant. Now imagine if the rider wants the elephant to go off to the east, but the elephant smells bananas off to the west I’m sure you know where they’re going to end up!

Now if you think your concious mind is telling you to go off to sleep but your unconcious mind has things it needs you to think about or problems in your life you “just can’t switch off”, imagine where you’re going to end up! Now imagine if you could deal directly with the unconcious mind, give it a choice to be able to switch off. Now there’s the keyword, choice. That’s what hypnotherapy, neuro linguistic programming, is all about, giving you choices! The reason these types of mind therapies work is that they bypass the logical part of the mind and deal direct with your elephant. That’s also why meditation and self-hypnosis work, they quiet the concious mind and allow the unconcious mind to really relax.

I apologise if I’ve gabbled a bit here, I get so passionate about helping people to find their choice, once I start typing it just all kind of rushes out before I can conciously stop it. I believe that is a good thing though as it comes from the heart without being editted. Spellchecked yes, but editted no (If you hadn’t guessed)!

Why not let us at Ananda Healing help you to find choice? Email me or call on 01342 842098 to have a chat about your choices. We don’t charge for chats here, so you needn’t worry.

Wellbeing and Me!

As a Holistic Therapist I am often asked who looks after my health and wellbeing?

Well, to answer that question, in the first instance, I do!  In other words, I have learned that ultimately the person who is responsible for my wellbeing is me.

Having taken responsibility for me, I then decide to exercise daily, even if it is only a walk with the dogs.  I also meditate daily (essential in my opinion).  I eat healthily and drink plenty of water.  I laugh often and choose my company (thats a blog for another day!).  I also visit a chiropractor regularly (Dr Luke Mulvihill of West Sussex Chiropractic in case you were wondering), regular massage, and deal with any “issues” using hypnotherapy and NLP (Duncan – obviously).  It is important for me to use health and wellbeing professionals with similar beliefs and practices as myself.

So, in a nutshell, I take responsibility and choose my lifestyle and healthcare wisely.  And above all, I take the best from everyday.

But what does wellbeing mean to you?  Perhaps you think me a little simplistic?  Why not let me know you thoughts?

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