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Stacey Tansley
Stacey Tansley

5 out of 5 stars

posted 1 year ago

I love Amanda and Duncan. The treatments and services they provide are absolutely amazing. I've had beauty treatments, massages and Reiki with Amanda and she has helped me through some horrendous times. I would highly recommend Amanda and Duncan.


Really happy with all the treatments I have had with Amanda. Relaxing environment every time I have visited. Amanda has spend some time on sorting...

Vicky C - Redhill

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Facials near Crawley, Gatwick and East Grinstead

Did you know that regular facials are not only relaxing and luxurious but also extremely beneficial to your skin? Here are just some of the benefits

  • Improves the circulatory system
  • Stimulates the skin
  • Stimulates the lymphatic drainage, aiding the removal of toxins
  • Relaxes the facial muscles
  • Deep cleans, tones, clarifies and moisturises
  • The ex-foliation step will clear remaining impurities and dead skin cells


Beautiful, more youthful appearance.  A good facial will rejuvenate and brighten the skin.

It also, because of the relaxation element, will release ‘feel-good’ hormones, thus reducing stress!

How often?

Just once a month is all you need to keep skin healthy, radiant and youthful

I have skin ‘issues’

Our beautician is a trained professional and will be able to use the correct products for your skin.  She will also be able to recommend a home regime for you!

We offer two beautiful facials here at Ananda Healing.  Within the two ranges, ARBONNE ANTI-AGEING SKINCARE and EVE TAYLOR AROMATHERAPY, there are products suitable for every kind of skin.  Just choose your range and we will do the rest.

Our Facials

Luxurious ARBONNE Anti Aging Facial with Enzyme Peel
Luxurious ARBONNE Anti Aging Facial with Enzyme Peel
The Arbonne Botanical range is Swiss formulated to the highest standards and is, without question, the best anti-aging range bar none. The fabulous facial includes an enzyme peel mask and a soothing head and shoulder massage. For more radiant, youthful skin. Lasts for 1 hour.
Price: £40.00
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