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Peter Roberts
Peter Roberts

5 out of 5 stars

posted 11 months ago

I escaped and experienced a massage by Ananda where the daily stress and cares and are replaced by a totally calm, relaxed and inner peace and would recommend anyone to visit. It is simply most refreshing and uplifting.


My feet had years of hard skin which Amanda has managed to remove, leaving me with lovely soft feet. I would really recommend this...

Liz W

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Here is a list of the massage services we offer, please click on them for more information

Natural Lift & Rejuvenating Facial Massage
A natural facelift without the need for surgery, helping you to look & feel younger! No side effects! No surgery! No needles!
Full Body Swedish Massage
1½ hour - consultation & massage Swedish massage, is the classic Western style of massage. It forms the basis for many other types of massage including sports massage and deep tissue massage. In addition to being an incredibly relaxing therapy, Swedish massage will improve circulation as well as stimulating the skin and nervous system. This wonderfully relaxing therapy can be enjoyed at any time of the day or night, by women and men of all ages.
Upper Back And Shoulder Massage
½ hour - consultation & treatment Much of the body's tension is held in the upper back, neck and shoulder area. A trained masseuse will take the stress and strains from you with a relaxing ½ hour massage.
Lava Shell Hot Tummy Massage
20 minute - massage Finally, a tummy treatment that leaves you feeling less bloated, that acts as natural colonic cleanse in helping to move uncomfortable build ups in the digestive system, and that leaves you with a flatter stomach - all without a tube in sight! If you have a beach holiday looming or you simply want to banish the bloat, Lava Shell Hot Tummy Massage Treatment will help you on your way.
Hot Lava Shell Massage
½ hour - consultation & treatment Offering all the benefits of hot stones but with the heart-warming, mind-easing benefit of being eco-friendly, Lava Shells are a new innovate massage tool favoured by beauty therapists and a whole host of celebrities, thanks to their unique composition which enables them to retain heat for over an hour.
Indian Head Massage
1 hour - consultation & massage\r\nAs well as being enjoyable and relaxing, Indian Head Massage has many benefits to the mind and body, working on both a physical and mental level. Physically it helps to stimulate all the systems of the body - immune, nervous, respiratory, endocrine, circulation, muscular, skeletal and lymphatic. Mentally it helps the mind to relax, instilling a sense of peace and tranquillity allowing vital energy to restore and renew, thus assisting the body to self-heal.
Hot Lava Shell Retail Kit
Hot Lava Shell Retail Kit
A complete kit which enables you to experience a warm Lava Shells® massage at home. The kit provides a unique blend of algae and dried kelp which, when blended with sea water and inserted inside the shell, generate their own controlled heat and subsequent soothing massage. Once activated, the shell retains its heat for over an hour, it falls when it is in use and rises when set down. The shell can be cooled by simply dipping in water or wiping with a damp cloth. Please read instruction booklet before use. The kit contains: One porcelain lava shell & Instruction Manual 4 Lava Shell Activators & Sachets 4 applications of Massage oil Note: This product is for home use only and is not for professional use in Salons. To experience a Lava Shell professional massage treatment using the natural Tiger Clam shells please follow the link find a practitioner to locate your nearest Lava Shell trained salon or therapist.
Hot Lava Shell Full Body Massage
For the ultimate, full body massage, the Lava Shells treatment is the most amazing solution. As the therapist glides the marine polished sea shells smoothly over the body, you will instantly drift into a blanket of warmth, falling into a state of utter relaxation and calm. During the massage, the shells are worked over the entire body. Deep tissue work on these tension areas such as the feet, back and shoulders, ease away all muscle tension, knots and stress points, unblocking an energy flow and releasing a sense of balance to the entire body and mind. The most relaxing, yet powerful massage on offer.