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charley sale
charley sale

5 out of 5 stars

posted 3 months ago

I’ve been coming to see Amanda for over 7 years for my Gel Nails which I think already says a lot. From the start, it’s always been such a friendly and relaxing place to come that’s got a homely, warm and welcoming setting, which beats any non cosy shop. You also receive a much more personable experience with lots of chatting which I much prefer (previous places where I had my nails done would be in silence). I think if my hands fell off tomorrow, I’d still visit every three weeks for our catch up :).

Thank you for always giving me pretty nails xx


"Amanda is magical with her hands. I was in a lot of pain and she managed to take most of it away. I really reccomend...

Jay Chappell

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Fast Allergy Cure

Fast Allergy Cure
During your fast allergy cure session we will examine your allergy and remove the triggers within your mind that fire your allergic response.

Wouldn’t it be great if allergies and intolerances were curable?

It may sound impossible to some, incredible to others, but a great many allergy sufferers can be symptom free with a drug free treatment that can take place in less than an hour. Now I have your attention, let me explain more.

For those that say it’s impossible, think back 60 years and most people would have thought it impossible to fly to the moon. Think back 400 years and most people would have laughed at you if you said the World was round! Of course it’s always been possible to fly to the moon, and the World has always been round, it was just that people didn’t know it.

So what is an allergy?

It’s a hypersensitivity disorder of the immune system, and reactions normally occur to harmless environmental substances known as allergens. The immune system perceives a threat causing an allergic response when the allergen is actually harmless. Doctors agree that an allergy is a mistake of the immune system – allergens in themselves have no ability to harm the body – it is only the body’s response to that substance which is dangerous.

Let’s imagine that your body is a country, with an army to defend it. The army has a number of lookouts watching for any foreign invaders. If the lookout spots something that seems like an invasion he calls in the troops that massacre the invaders. I’m sure we all know that in war there are usually civilian casualties and the surrounding area can be devastated. What if the lookout sees something innocent coming and mistakes it for an invasion, say for instance he mistakes an ice cream van for a tank? There is exactly the same effect! So the innocent ice cream van gets wiped out along with the rest of the surrounding area. Now if the army is the immune system of the body we can quickly see that the immune system can attack innocent allergens by making a simple mistake.

What options do we have at this point? We could ban all ice cream vans from ever coming into our country and avoid the allergen, we could drug our army so that it doesn’t fight as effectively by using antihistamines, or perhaps we could retrain the lookouts to recognise that the ice cream vans are not invaders.

In order to be able to retrain our immune system we need to know that it was trained in the first place. In the vast majority of cases allergies are not something you are born with, so at some point your immune system must have learnt that the allergen is a bad thing. Suppose you happen to catch the flu as you’re visiting a friend with a dog. The immune system isn’t sure which one is making you ill, so just to be safe labels them both as viruses, a simple mistake that can affect the rest of our lives. The next time you come into contact with that same flu virus, the Immune system doesn’t wait for you to be ill again. It recognises and attacks it straight away. That’s why you don’t catch the same flu twice. The trouble is that dog is now in the same category – labelled as an enemy. So the next time the immune system detects dog, it sends the troops out automatically. That’s an allergy.

Because that behaviour can be learnt it can also be retrained to make a different association, an association where the troops aren’t sent out when that old allergen is detected. Part of the re-education process involves learning how your allergy might have developed. With the benefit of hindsight, your body might have acted differently and you can teach your body what it needed to know at that critical time. Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is perfect for this job as it allows us to use targeted language and questions to very quickly determine the association, and change it to create rapid and permanent change.


The one thing I always ask of clients is that they come to me ready and above all really wanting TO change. If a person sometimes sneezes when they are in a field full of pollen, and it might be nice to not sneeze , then that is not enough motivation, and motivation is the key to any SUCCESSFUL NLP process.

Maybe this all sounds too good to be true? That’s why I guarantee that if your allergy has not made significant improvement by the end of the session your money will be refunded.

Terms and Conditions
Our 3 month money back guarantee policy is as follows:

  1. You may receive a full refund up to 3 months from the date of your treatment should you be dissatisfied with the treatment.
  2. Only one allergy will be treated per session.
  3. We reserve the right to refuse a refund to any customer who repeatedly requests refunds or who, in our judgment, requests refunds in bad faith.
  4. Customers are restricted to receiving a single refund per allergy treatment.
  5. In order to process your refund, you must supply us with your name, address and date of your treatment. If you provide us with insufficient or incorrect information your refund may be delayed.
  6. Refunds will be made by cheque for original payments by cash or cheque. Payments made by card will be refunded onto the same card as the original only. Paypal payments will be refunded back to the original account only. Any refund may take up to 30 days to process or longer as in point 5.

If you have any questions about whether a refund has been posted/processed, please call us.

Fast Allergy Cure
During your fast allergy cure session we will examine your allergy and remove the triggers within your mind that fire your allergic response.

"Our son Jack saw Duncan regarding his anxiety. He was struggling with his AS levels, even after studying the same level for 2 years. At the beginning of his 3rd year, as my daughter Katie sees Amanda who helps her with her ME/CFS symptoms, Amanda suggested I put Jack in Duncan's capable hands. We did this with an open mind. I wasn't with Jack, but from seeing Duncan, Jack turned round his results, stayed off anxiety drugs, and achieved high enough A level grades to obtain a place at university to study for a marine environmental science degree - where he is doing extremely well, and still not gone back to taking any prescribed drugs in order to sit his exams.

We as parents are extremely happy with this outcome and the fact that he doesn't have to rely on prescription drugs, just on focussing on what Duncan taught him to achieve in his life."

Jack, Smallfield

Thank you so much for your help with xxxxxx, I know you have worked hard, but it still feels like you were born with a gift. I think it was amazing that you were able to connect with an 11 year old boy in such a short space of time. You related to him on his level to help him find solutions that worked especially for him, you gave him someone to believe in, and you made it all fun! xxxxxx has had to face some very difficult situations this week and was feeling very low. Lost for help I asked him 'what do you think Duncan would say?' he immediately beamed a smile. You make me smile too, thank you!

Petrina - West Sussex

I thought I’d just let you know how I’m getting on, and thank you again for your help with my spider phobia! When I got home after the treatment I was restless, I did not know what to do with my newly found calmness! Whereas imagining big spiders running behind the bed normally would have sent me into panic stage, I can now lie there calmly and see my “vision” through. I have since caught a spider in our spider catcher. A certain amount of doubt is still there, a tiny knot in my tummy and a somewhat watchful eye will remain on duty tonight, but what a difference! You're the best! My gratitude, thanks and love

Nina - Horley

I recently went through some changes both in my personal and professional lives. I discussed my issue with Duncan and he suggested trying NLP, which has been a revelation in my life. I have had several sessions with Duncan and each session has been an eye opener for me and I can say that I have learnt a lot from each session and it has helped me immensely with my personal and professional issues. I would recommend NLP with Duncan to anyone who has issues that may be buried in the past and needs these unlocking to move on. Thank you for your help.

Ian - Proposal Manager - Crawley

A phobia of spiders had been putting an edge on the excitement I was feeling about going backpacking around Asia. I'd always been scared of spiders and I knew I was likely to come across some pretty big ones on my travels. We talked about it for one session and then I went off travelling not really thinking it would have helped much. But it did. Of course, I had some encounters with spiders and my reaction was unbelieveably calm. I'm really grateful to Duncan for this.


Working and training with Duncan was a delight as he is attentive, flexible and humorous in his approach to working with others. I would trust him to work with any type of client as his sense of responsibility is second to none. Thoroughly recommended!

Terry Elston, NLP Trainer - NLP World, Brighton

I decided to go to Ananda Healing after going through some rough waters in my personal/work life. After a lengthy conversation with both Amanda and Duncan I decided that Hypnotherapy and Healing and Chakra Balancing sessions would be the right path for me to take. Hypnotherapy with Duncan has changed my life, how I think and how my mind reacts to situations that I have not been able to deal with in the past. I like the way that my sessions are planned and based on what I need as an individual. Thanks to Duncan and his understanding of what my core issues are, I have finally started to gain back my confidence and self-esteem. I am only two sessions in and I’m sure I have quite a few to go but Duncan has taken me on a journey that has changed my outlook on life and helped me get back to the happy place I was in 10 years ago, and for that I am eternally thankful

Sam - Horley

Neuro Linguistic Programming with Ananda. I wouldn't say I was addicted to chocolate, more obsessive about it. I have conquered smoking without too much effort but somehow giving up chocolate was beyond me. Duncan just talked to me and in a very subtle way helped me understand where the motivation came from. He gave me a technique to help when I felt I had to have my chocolate "fix". From that one session I have not felt the need and I no longer even enjoy eating chocolate and actually I don't miss it. Brilliant.

Linda - Lewes